Anonymous is a creative lab that observes, listens, investigates and experiments. It doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, instead focusses on asking the right questions to find solutions that are real, relevant and above all, useful.



Since 2005, Anonymous has never stuck with any one definition.

Presently, it is a creative lab that observes, listens, investigates and experiments through design.

But in many ways, it is more than that.

Through the years, Anonymous has been a design studio, creative agency, content bureau, brand strategy firm, creators of film festivals that have travelled the world, curators of exhibitions that make you think, and even publishers of an award-winning magazine. Despite constant evolution, a single, core principle remains the same.

The lab questions everything. From the brand, brief, context to the customer, no stone is left unturned. Everything is stripped right down to its simplest form—not just visually but also in methodology. By making it easier for people to understand each brand’s values, every project becomes simple, clear and always relatable.

To do this, Anonymous takes inspiration from real people who demand clarity in purpose and meaning. By getting to know the audience, figuring out how they live, understanding what makes them tick and learning about what they truly want, experiences of real value can be born.

That is the goal: to create meaningful things people care about. This of course, can’t be achieved by the lab alone. It forms close partnerships with clients and leads creatives with strategy and insight to bring out the work that’s simple, functional, practical and innovative.



No competition.

Anonymous doesn’t believe in competing or pitching. Why should energy be spent on producing a better solution as compared to another agency or studio, when you could have the best solution for your project?


Every client relationship is a close partnership.

It starts right at the beginning, from gathering the relevant insights, diving deep into the research to writing the brief.


People first.

People are at the core of any brand, service or experience. That’s why time is taken to understand underlying needs, perceptions and behaviours—so that any brand strategy, story or experience is able to stand the test of time.


There is always a purpose.

The best brands always stand for something. The lab makes sure to articulate every project’s purpose as clearly as possible, making it easy for customers to believe in the brand.


Design that’s simple and clear.

Great design may be rooted in strategy, but truly comes alive with intuition. Anonymous blends insight and creative expression to design purposeful, unforgettable brand identities, campaigns and experiences, that connect with people in fresh and compelling ways.


is led by

Creative Director


Studio Director


Creative Director


Felix Ng oversees the design and strategy of all projects at Anonymous. He is also the festival director of A Design Film Festival and, and publisher of Bracket.

Felix was a recipient of the prestigious Young Guns 9 Award from the Art Directors Club New York in 2011, and voted as one of the top 40 design talents under the age of 40 by Perspective Hong Kong in 2012. He has been invited to speak and judge at festivals, conferences and schools, including the British D&AD Awards, Singapore Creative Circle Awards, Crowbar Awards and Noise Singapore.

Studio Director


Germaine Chong is the key project management lead at Anonymous. She co-founded the creative lab after graduating from school where she studied documentary filmmaking and sound engineering. Germaine has been influential in driving large-scale projects such as the President’s Design Award 2012 and 2013, as well as the rebranding of the Nikon Photo Contest.

She is also the festival producer of A Design Film Festival and, and editor-in-chief of Bracket.

Based in Singapore. Collaborating with the world.

Every project requires a different perspective. That’s why creative teams are gathered depending on the needs of each project. While the core team is based in Singapore, an international network of like-minded partners and talented creatives are always ready to bring any project to life.


If you are a


Anonymous helps brands get to the core of what matters, no matter the discipline or medium. The lab has:

  • rebranded an international photo contest for Nikon Japan

  • conducted research and launched flagship stores across Southeast Asia for UNIQLO

  • collaborated with Studioriley on various research and insight reports

  • created a website for WOHA Architects


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